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A perpetual love letter to the world wide web:
I post things that provoke emotions...
most of which can be summed up by a single vowel
repeated a bunch of times.
"eeeeee!" "oooooooooh!" "AAAAAA[RG]H!"

Posts tagged trauma

Jul 16 '12
"…And even if you didn’t handle the event itself in quite the most self-interested/self-protective way, you acted with great selflessness, and that has more value than is sometimes obvious."

Adviser/mentor/favorite professor/hero

I now feel completely validated in the way I handled my personal horror story. I fucked up my own life quite a bit, but saved others and learned a lot in the process. Now I can be a resource for others, and that is more important to me than having it easy myself.

I’m sorry not all of you know what I’m talking about here. Once upon a time some shit happened and now it’s pretty much over The End.