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A perpetual love letter to the world wide web:
I post things that provoke emotions...
most of which can be summed up by a single vowel
repeated a bunch of times.
"eeeeee!" "oooooooooh!" "AAAAAA[RG]H!"

Posts tagged not drugs

Apr 13 '12

writing a one page nabokovian biography tracing how my body is constantly changing color from season to season and from episode to episode, due so soon oh no lol

the last fifteen hours have been absolutely nuts: did homework for about 4.5 hours straight last night (a truly impressive feat for me), spent the next two hours hearting to heart with dp in the dark in alleys and on the road and on bikes like we do trying to take stock of how fucked up everything is not just in the world but in our personal worlds god damn growing up is tough

slept three hours last night, didn’t get to eat breakfast til noon today so many meetings SO MANY MEETINGS this group project thing just does not work for me

alright back to work i am just so drained in all the ways I am sorry in advance for anyone I snap at today it’s not you it’s me

if you see me today, please give me a really firm hug