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A perpetual love letter to the world wide web:
I post things that provoke emotions...
most of which can be summed up by a single vowel
repeated a bunch of times.
"eeeeee!" "oooooooooh!" "AAAAAA[RG]H!"
Jul 12 '12

sing it, girl.

i have a hard time engaging with Feminism as a movement/theory for a multitude of reasons, but some things are simply true and resounding in my own life. like the bitch/boss dichotomy.

example: lots of people think Nancy Pelosi is a “bitch”. in reality, she’s simply very powerful and has attained higher office than any woman in America ever before. in reality, she pretty much single-handedly pushed through Obamacare and fights for great causes and is one of my heroes. but yeah, I guess you can call her a “bitch” if this makes you uncomfortable.

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